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15 Glencoe Street

Hull HU3 6HR


Tel: (01482) 501098

Open 6.30am - 6.00pm





Excellent standards of daily care and education

Home from home setting

Dedicated and enthusiastic staff

Secure, stimulating and happy environment

Baby Room

Toddler Room

Pre-school Room

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(01482) 501098

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Baby room


Our specialised and dedicated baby room is managed by staff with specific training in the needs of babies. All staff are policed checked and references taken up before joining our team. They are chosen not only for their experience, but for their outgoing, bubbly and enthusiastic personalities. They are devoted to upholding the highest standards of care, cleanliness and hygiene for babies from 6 weeks upward.

The room has been created to provide a safe supportive environment, and gives each child from their very first day with us a chance to learn and develop from first hand experiences. Our aim is to promote visual & tactile skills whenever possible through play and social interaction. 

Staff ratios are 1 to every 3 babies; a key-person system operates to allow your baby to build a special and secure relationship with someone theycan learn to trust. This ensures your baby feels cared for, relaxed, free to express themselves and learn in a safe and stimulating environment. 





The wide range of activities provided covers all 6 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).


They include: sensory toys, discovery mats, play mobiles, stacking blocks, dancing, singing & music, short stories & books, dressing up, well supervised messy play times such as the old favourite hand & feet painting, sand & water play. 

Your child’s key-person will also provide opportunities for learning social skills and making friends from an early age and regularly discuss your babies progress and development with you, keeping you informed and up to date with the use of daily diaries. 

Routines: we recognise all babies have their own routine and we aim to keep to them as closely as possible, when starting we will ask you to complete a baby routine schedule and keep this updated with you and your child’s key-person.

Daily requirements: every baby will have their own personnel belongings tray stored in the room to keep nappies, wet wipes, cotton wool, baby cream and other requirements (we are set up to deal with environmentally friendly nappies).  We ask you to provide these along with enough daily milk feeds for your child and some spare ready made cartons for emergencies. Once your child moves on to cows milk the nursery will provide it. Baby food may need to be provided during the initial stages of weaning, in liaison with your key-person your baby can gradually be introduced to nursery meals.

From around the age of 18 months, dependant on your child’s individual development, we will start to integrate them into the toddler room to help them develop further and prepare for the transition.