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15 Glencoe Street

Hull HU3 6HR


Tel: (01482) 501098

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Excellent standards of daily care and education

Home from home setting

Dedicated and enthusiastic staff

Secure, stimulating and happy environment

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(01482) 501098

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The wide range of activities provided covers all 6 areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage (E.Y.F.S.)

We offer a balance of planned activities were all children are given the opportunity to participate, along with plenty of free play time were they are able to plan their own play and select their own resources both inside and outside. These activities are changed / adapted on a regular basis to maintain the children’s concentration and interest.

They include: the fostering of creativity & imagination through painting, construction, role play and sharing their thoughts & ideas with others, as well as using different senses & tools for communication.

Alongside all the well loved fun activities; face painting, model making, arts & crafts, drawing, music, singing & dancing, messy play with sand, water & paint, parachute & traditional games, train sets, farm set, dolls house, dressing up, board games & puzzles, cooking, reading, gardening, growing things and  I.T.

Your child’s key-person will continually monitor and record your child’s progress, using their skills and training to adapt the programme to the demands of your child. They will regularly discuss your child’s progress & development with you, keeping you fully informed. The information collected along with pieces of art and craft work and photographs will be recorded in the child’s development file.  The child will also have their own learning journal.  These will be available for you and your child to see at any time and will be formally shared with you during Parents’ evenings. Your contributions to these records would be greatly appreciated and are valuable to help us build a whole picture.  With your permission this information will then be passed on to the next setting your child attends to enable staff to plan the next steps.





Pre-school rooms


The staff working in these rooms are all well trained, qualified, very committed to their roles and to providing the best possible support & stimulation for your child’s needs, introducing new experiences & opportunities to satisfy your child’s rapidly increasing desire for knowledge and as they grow, more structured  learning is introduced. 

The rooms are designed to allow easy movement and interaction and access to all the activities, and play & learning equipment. The rooms are set up with a wide range of appropriate toys, equipment & activities for their ability, offering a choice to suit their individual needs.

Staff ratios are 1 to every 4 for the 2 - 3yr olds and up to 1 to 8 for the 3 – 5yr olds.

All the staff are police checked and references taken up before joining our team. They are chosen not only for their experience but for their outgoing, bubbly and enthusiastic personalities.